Oct 2017

Open your eyes

Well, this past January, I published my first book. It’s called Genesis 101, The Metaphysical Cosmology of the Process of Co-Creation. It’s talks about our power and ability to bring about whatever we desire in our lives. It introduces us to ourselves. It talks about the Law of Attraction and how to use it. It talks about our roadblocks and how to overcome them to achieve whatever measure of success we desire.
It’s not a huge book, and the information certainly isn’t new. There’s a good amount of writing out there relative to this subject matter. It is my belief that there is a growing number of people who are attracted to this information, but many don’t really know why.
There is a reason for that, and that’s part of the message I need to bring out. You see, there is a part of each and everyone of us that we can’t see. We can only feel it. The catch is that in order to feel it, we need to be aware that it’s even there. There is a “moreness” to us as beings and to the life we are experiencing.
We need to open our eyes and start becoming aware of who we really are, and the power we wield, not to mention the responsibility we have in co-creating our lives. Owning up to to the fact that we have no one but ourselves to blame for where we are and what we have or don’t have.
It may be time to stop and re-asses your life. Look at your morals, values and beliefs. They are changeable you know. Just because you’ve had them since childhood doesn’t mean they necessarily fit you as an adult.
I wrote my book, and I’m intending to write another because that invisible part of me is pushing me to add my voice and message to an ever changing collection of humanity that may be ready to be introduced to a deeper meaning to self. To those who are, there is a comfort there. You needn’t be afraid.

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