Ronald Rozzi, Ms.D., RHy., holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and is certified in both hypnotherapy and as a past-life regression hypnotist.  He is also a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Therapy, (EFT).  He specializes in past-life regression and anxiety disorder, as well as behavioral modification.

In 2012 Dr. Rozzi went into semi-retirement from his practice of 18 years to re-evaluate his station and purpose in life.  He never really believed that he could ever fully retire from helping people learn and heal.  His new mission became clear and began to unfold in January of 2016.

He has currently authored his first book on the process and principles of co-creation, called “GENESIS 101”.  After a few years in retirement from his private practice, Dr. Rozzi is planning on reestablishing himself as a transformational life coach and speaker.  He has a passion to help people break away from unwanted traumas and bring into their lives all that they secretly desire.  He feels it’s vital to educate and empower through awareness.  His focus centers around the depth of self and the connection to the God and universal law.


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This journey you are about to embark on is laid before you with unconditional love. It represents for me a work of inspiration from spirit through me. I have been silently hounded for years now to put pen to paper and share what excites me most at this point of my life experience. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little slow at the draw, but I know without a doubt that everything in this universe is timely. I won’t question the fact that had I started younger, I could have done and enjoyed more relative to sharing my passion. I’m right on time, and therefore, so are you. It is my mission and purpose in this incarnation, at least at this time. I’ve learned not to question, only to allow what is coming forth at this time.

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